DAICEL quality for QC of chiral separation: reproducibility and robustness of our HPLC columns and extensive support

Quality control requires robust and reproducible separation methods as well as rapid access to products and technical support. With CHIRAL TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE, you benefit from DAICEL quality and expertise. We stock and directly sell all DAICEL chiral HPLC columns and aim to ship to you within 24 hours from order receipt.

Our customers also benefit from CHIRAL TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE / DAICEL technical support. Working predominantly with the pharmaceutical industry we understand method validation and cGMP and can help you with DMF submissions related to the enantiomer analysis step.

We can also help you in your quality control by developing robust methods for your QC of enantiomer separation and will always supply you with reliable and batch-to-batch reproducible HPLC columns.


DAICEL HPLC columns for quality control of enantiomer purity: reproducibility and robustness

Well-known for their high quality, DAICEL chiral HPLC columns are particularly suited for quality control of enantiomers. Easy to use, robust and with a high batch-to-batch reproducibility they are the quickest and most reliable way to perform your QC analysis. In addition, with CHIRAL TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE, DAICEL subsidiary, you benefit from local technical support and a direct supply chain allowing dispatch within 24 hours (from stock).

With the new DAICEL immobilised polysaccharide-derived CHIRAL HPLC columns, you gain universal solvent compatibility and even more robustness on already highly selective chiral stationary phases for your chiral HPLC quality control applications.

DAICEL subsidiary, we offer a range of chiral columns for your Quality Control applications, to fulfil your needs:


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